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            How to solve the failure of slag remover

            2020-08-07 17:31:00

            The ductile fracture of slag eliminator is mainly transgranular fracture. If there is inclusions or sediment accumulation at grain boundary, intergranular fracture will occur. The manufacturer of slag eliminator introduces:

            1. The critical stress of ductile fracture propagation of bimetallic wear resistant ceramic pipe is greater than that of crack nucleation, so ductile fracture is a slow tearing process.

            2. With the continuous deformation, the cracks are continuously generated, expanded and gathered. When the deformation stops, the propagation of the cracks will also stop;

            3. In the process of continuous expansion and polymerization of small cracks, new cracks are generated constantly, so the ductile fracture is usually manifested as multi-fracture source.

            4. Before the ductile fracture of bimetallic wear resistant pipe, a large plastic deformation has occurred, and a considerable amount of energy is consumed during the fracture. Therefore, ductile fracture is a high-energy absorption process.

            Slag eliminator manufacturer introduces the above slag eliminator why the occurrence of fracture knowledge.

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