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            Operation mode of slag eliminator

            2020-08-07 17:33:00
            How does the cone slag remover work? How does it work? Let's take a look:

            Before the slag eliminator is put into operation, close the slag discharge valve, start the ball valve, open the flushing water and feed water valve, after filling the machine with water, close the feed water valve can be sent to the pulp. When the slurry supply is stable and the pressure difference meets the technical requirements, the pressure of washing water shall be adjusted to be greater than the pressure of feeding slurry + 0.02mpa. When the pressure is stable, it can run normally.

            Slag discharge can be carried out during the operation of the slag eliminator. Observe the deposit of waste slag in the tank from the window. If it is necessary to discharge slag, follow the following procedure: close the ball valve and open the water supply valve, then open the slag discharge door to remove the waste slag. Clean the tank and the slag door joint surface with clean water, then close the slag door. Open the ball valve after filling the sink with water. This process must be connected in order.

            Slag eliminator manufacturer can according to the number of impurities contained in the slurry, each shift can discharge slag once to many times.

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