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            What are the technical parameters of 99.99 alumina products?

            2020-09-03 17:55:00

            What are the parameters of 99.99 alumina ceramics? Alumina products manufacturers to customers to introduce these issues.

            Alumina ceramics is a kind of alumina (Al2O3) as the main body of ceramic material, alumina ceramic is a kind of very wear-resistant ceramic material, is widely used in various Lv industry.

            The main forming methods of alumina ceramic products are dry pressing, grouting, extrusion, isostatic pressing, injection and flow casting. Different forming methods are required for products with different shapes, sizes, complex shapes and precision.

            Alumina ceramics after high temperature sintering can only be processed by diamond grinding process. Alumina ceramic material has extremely high hardness and wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and biological inertia.

            In addition, high - temperature sintered alumina can be highly polished.

            Because its sintering temperature is as high as 1650 ~ 1990℃, transmission wavelength is 1 ~ 6 m, generally made of fused glass to replace platinum crucible; Its light transmittance and alkali resistance to metal corrosion are used as sodium lamp tube. In the electronics industry, it can be used as integrated electric subgrade board and high frequency insulation material.

            Performance parameters of 99.99 alumina ceramics

            Type unit 99.99 ceramics
            Alumina content is % 99.99
            The density of 3.98 g/cm3
            Color - beige
            Water absorption % 0
            Young's modulus Gpa 362
            Webster's hardness Gpa 30
            Compressive strength Mpa 2570
            Bending strength Mpa 320
            Thermal conductivity W/ M.K-36-42
            Thermal shock resistance △ (℃) 228
            The maximum operating temperature is 1800 ℃
            Volume resistivity Ω. Cm > 10 Sunday afternoon 14
            Permittivity - 9.92
            Dielectric strength KV/mm 24

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