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            Ceramic Slag Separator / High Density Cleaner for Paper Pulp Making

            2020-12-14 14:24:00

            Yunfeng product description:

            A double cone high density cleaner pulp is advanced purification equipment, especially in the purification of waste paper pulp better, it is one of the key equipment of waste paper recycling indispensable. It uses different fibers and the proportion of impurities, so that the principle of centrifugal separation of heavy impurities from the pulp out to purify the pulp purposes. The device using a wide, both for the high consistency pulp roughing purification. Before the machine can also be used for low consistency pulp cull purification.

            The Cleaner is simple, small footprint, large capacity, automation can debug simple slagging operation. Clogging tap outlet, clean and efficient, one-time only through Cleaner slurry, slurry handling equipment is no longer required tail, small fiber loss. Cone wear and long life: no drive, no more maintenance, there are two types of automatic and manual.