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            Low Consistency Industrial Cleaner Machine low density cleaner for pulp making

            2020-12-14 14:29:00

            product description
            900/1000 cleaner is based on differences in the slurry contained in the relative weight of impurities using centrifugal principle to remove its new generation of products, the product is in use on the basis of the first generation of products, according to domestic and international users feedback, designed to address the problem of slag mills designed products. The product can greatly reduce the need to adjust the structure according to the user to achieve the purpose of each individual light and heavy impurities separation, separation of heavy impurities together, allowing users one-time investment. YUN FENG The product is separable heavy impurities gravel, iron, paint and other heavy mixtures. Light impurities plastic sheets, foams, gases, ink, dust or the like.
            The main technical parameters
            Into the plasma capacity: 900-1100L / min
            Good pulp: 900-1000L / min
            Slag weight: 50L / min
            Into the plasma pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa
            Inlet consistency: 0.5-1.20%
            Maximum operating temperature:120 ℃