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            Alumina Ceramic cone

            2020-12-14 14:29:00

            Microcrystal wear-resisting alumina cone/nozzle

            *Taken the application area: Alumina wear-resisting cone /nozzle is suitable for screening equipment of industrial materials such as paper mill, petroleum, mine, steel mill, power plant, etc. It can be used as cyclone, slag eliminator, slurry inlet, bottom flow, diameter changing, etc.

            The outer shell of the alumina platform vertebral body can be made of steel, polyurethane and other materials, and the inner lining is made of alumina ceramics with excellent wear resistance, which not only gives play to the high-temperature wear and corrosion resistance of the ceramics, but also gives play to the characteristics of high strength and toughness of the outer materials to prevent the ceramic damage, and the integrated design is convenient for replacement and installation.

            *Taken the product characteristic: good abrasion resistance;The mohs hardness can reach 9.0